Diamond Grading Report

A diamond report covers the four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Your diamond report will include an In depth measurement of the proportions of your diamond, along with a detailed mapping of the inclusions which will give you a complete visual of the internal characteristics, which is useful for identification purposes.

Gemstone Identification Report

Gemstone Identification Reports are requested for standard identification and verification of diamonds and colored stones. This report Includes; the species of the material, detailed measurements, quality, weight as well as a detailed photograph of the gemstone.

Gemstone Identification w/ Origin Report

A gemstone identification + origin report will include all of the information listed above in the ‘gemstone identification report’ as well as the region or geographic origination of the gemstone. The Origin report will determine what part of the world your gemstone was formed and mined using our latest technology.

Pearl Grading Report

Pearls are unique and have a completely different set of grading parameters, compared to a diamond or colored stone. Details that are only specific to pearls, such as: luster, overtone, and surface characteristics are the key points, which influence the value of pearls.

Sarin Report

A Sarin report is an incredibly detailed report, which shows the cut and symmetry of your diamond. Proportion and symmetry of a diamond are the main factors that determine the amount of light return, which gives the diamond its brilliance and sparkle. A Sarin report is required when planning and re-cutting a diamond, customizing a mounting to very strict parameters, or determining ideal proportions, such as “Hearts & Arrows.”

Laser Inscription

Laser inscriptions are microscopic and can not be seen to the naked eye. Typically inscribed on the girdle of the gemstone, this type of service can be requested for personal messages to be inscribed, or for identification purposes by inscribing a lab report number which correlates to the identity of the gemstone.

Natural versus Synthetic (lab created) Verification

Determining a natural gemstone that has been created by Mother Nature or from a synthetic (lab created) gemstone, can be tricky and requires special testing. With rapid advancements in technology, differentiating a man-made gemstone that is both chemically and optically identical to its natural counterpart is becoming increasingly difficult to detect without sophisticated equipment and ongoing education and training.

Verbal pre-grade/evaluation

It’s very common for consumers shopping in the Diamond District to feel uneasy about trusting the person selling them a diamond or jewellery item. The best thing you as a consumer can do before you buy to have a verbal pre-grade/evaluation done on the item. This way you can rest assured that the item you are buying is exactly what you are paying have it looked at before spending your hard earned cash, in order to verify what was being represented to you is accurate. We will go into detail to make sure you understand not only the quality, but also the value and what you should be paying. This is simply protecting yourself and your investment.

Identification of Treatment(s)

With technology rapidly advancing daily, the market has been flooded with gemstones that have been chemically enhanced without disclosure to the consumer and sometimes the wholesaler or retailer. Knowing whether the gemstone you are investing is vivid in natural colour or has been enhanced by technology can dramatically reduce the valuation of the stone and is a significant factor when making an investment.

Professional Photography

Do you need a professional photo taken of your jewellery; perhaps you need it for an online store, print material or for insurance purposes? A professional photograph using the gemstones own micro reflective mirrors, unique macro lens technology and light capturing equipment is essential to showcase the beauty of your jewellery or gemstone

We have a team of professional photographers trained specifically in jewellery and gemstone images as well as Photoshop. We can provide you with stunning images capturing light, clear features, fine detail and specific angles of your piece.

Security seal

A security seal is a tamper-proof container in which your diamond is sealed into for security. A summary of the WGI diamond report is enclosed and visible from the back of the seal. Once the seal is opened a chemical pattern that will appear which is evidence the seal has been broken.